Rack Track

Rack Track is a product developed by Marigen as a simple lower cost alternative to Carton Flow. It can be for the versatile type beds with multiple tracks to enable use with a variety of box sizes. Alternatively, the more conventional solution with dedicated lanes using guides. Rack Track can be adapted for Single or Double frame applications. There is also a Tray version, to aid picking from the boxes stored.


Costs for Rack Track can be as low as 50% of that for a comparable Versatile solution on the market.



Single Frame Rack Track

The simplest Rack Track Solution. Adaptors on each rack beam with Carton Tracks of choice running between them. Utilises the whole width and depth of the Rack. End Stop is formed into the front beam, and the track height at the rear enables the space over the beam to be used for storage. Tracks are speaced as required and Guides are an option.




Trays on Rack Track

Marigen developed a Tray as part of the Front Beam in 2015, for applications that require it. 250mm deep it enables better from box picking by angling the box to the picker, and maximizing the space between levels.






Double Frame Rack Track

These require a middle support for the Tracks and Marigen have developed a fully adjustable beam that is supported by our Row Spacer Supports. The Row Spacers are fixed between the frames. 

Here you can see it is a dedicated lane solution with guides.

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