Pallet Flow Features

Pallet Flow systems are fundementally quite simple solutions, with standard modules comprising of a rigid frame with Idle Rollers and Brakes to control the pallet descent. Euroroll provide a multitude of standard options, and have developed the components over 30 years, to provide you with excellent quality product with long life, and the ability to deal with almost any requirement requested.



Brake Roller

The Brake Roller is the key safety feature of a Pallet Flow solution. Pallets descend at 4% Slope typically and would accelerate if not controlled by Brake Rollers. Key are reaction time, speed of control, throughput, load range capabilty and Long Life.


Euroroll has been manufacturing Brakes since 1983, and over that time has tested and developed its product manyfold. The EBT2 Brake is very long life with 100,000 pallet movements, it can handle 50 to 1400kg as standard and without adjustment, and its reaction time is a 1/4 turn to maximum torque. Minimum installation length is now down to 124mm meaning it can be used directly in Twin And Triple Track solutions, and Pallet Rails.


The Brake can be supplied in 3 finishes. Pre-Galvanised Tube for Wooden pallets. Grooved for handling Plastic pallets or with a PVC coating for Steel pallets.






A Separator is designed to create a gap between the pallet in the Unloading position, and those pallets behind. This is so the Operator can remove a pallet without any line pressure from following pallets. Line pressure may not be a problem in a lot of applications, and certainly LIFO solutions cannot have them. For picking it is necessary and probably on longer lanes with high line pressure, or when pallet contact may cause a problem with the goods stored.


We have a range of separators developed over many years.



Flex Separator

Developed to offer a reduced gap between stored pallets, but more critically minimal gap requirement to operate the separator. Traditionally around 300m, now it can be 50mm with the unique Flex Design. Another benefit is use of rollers in the paddles for easier operation, and they are upstream of the Unloading position and so less prone to damage by Fork Lift Trucks. It is also very cost effective.


Balance Separator

A picking solution separator. Very simple and cost effective and comes with a range of release mechanisms.

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