Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow is a modular solution with Loading, Intermediate and Unloading sections selected to suit the application and pallet type. Each module comes with a simple but rigid fame structure, rollers and brakes to control the pallet descent speed. The roller centres and brake type are selected to suit the pallet structure and material. Loading and Unloading sections have a variety of options to suit the MHE equipment used. The Unloading section is usually supplied with a separation mechanism for first pallet, to aid unloading or picking. Other options available are Entry Guides and Guide Wheels for awkward pallets.


Different solutions are:


Bulk Storage FIFO

High Density storage solution also offering the advantage of guaranteed First-In-First-Out (FIFO) that is a key requirement for some products.



Despatch Lanes FIFO

A solution designed to speed up loading of pallets onto Trucks. Lanes are pre-floaded so the Fork Lift Truck loading the vechile only has short shuttle journeys, and the lanes automatically feed to the Unloading position.


Picking Lanes FIFO

Designed to enable order picking from the pallet. The Lane is fitted with a special separator with manual release to enable the emptied pallet to be removed before the next pallet comes to the picking position.


Bulk Storage LIFO

High Density storage using Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) for a cost effective solution. Should be considered with Cart Push Back as both do the same function, but which one would be chosen depends on pallet types and orientation.

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