Carton Flow

Carton Flow is a modular picking solution for small unit loads such as Cartons, Totes and other small containers.


A steel framework containing roller tracks and other options, is connected to a rack or shelving system. The framework or bed, will be slightly sloped to allow the unit loads to flow from the loading face to the unloading or pick face.


Connection to the rack or shelving is via a connector, and we have a variety to cover the multitude of storage systems available. If you have slots or holes in the upright we can connect to it.


Bed frames have a multitude of designs to suit your requirement.


Tracks come in many types and colours, and guides are available to ensure correct placement and or prevent loads crossing lane to lane.


A typical pick bay found in warehousing for zonal picking. Trays on the upper levels aiding picking by angling the box towards the picker.



Different solutions are:



Pick Face Options:






Straight with only Track.

The most common solution with tracks right up to the Pick Face.





Five Degree Pick Tray

Available with 300mm, 400mm and 600mm Trays.





Fifteen Degree Pick Tray

Available with 300mm, 400mm and 600mm Trays.

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