Cart Push Back

Simple Robust LIFO solution 

Available up to 6 deep for pallets with left to right runners, and of common width. Standard solutions for 1000mm and 1200mm width.

Generally, for loads within the pallet depths of 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm, but we can design specials (volume allowing), to accommodate load overhangs.



Latest Design Features

Our solutions incorparate features for the safest and most efficient solution.

  •  Flanged Wheels for Cart Guidance
  •  Rolled Steel Structure for robustness
  •  Lift-out Protection to stop Carts being displaced
  •  Cart Nesting for Low profile saving typically 100mm on 4 deep compared to others
  •  Empty position indication so operators know there is a free space
  •  Loading plate acts as height guage for loading and strip-off plate if the Fork Lift Forks catch the pallet during unloading
  •  Linked Carts to prevent load displacement


High Density Storage Solution

An alternative to FIFO solutions than can be even higher density solution when mounted back to back, as in this photograph.

LIFO can also be a batch FIFO solution, when using multiple lanes per SKU. Call us for an explanation as to how this can work.

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