Marigen Products Limited started in 2010 by Chris Adams. Chris has
worked for many years in Materials Handling as a Designer, Contract Controller, Project Manager, Product Manager and as an Technical Sales Consultant.


An Apprenticeship at Haden King Conveyors was followed by a few years as a Designer in various industries gaining a broad engineering knowledge. A period at Dexion as a Product Manager and then Business Unit Manager, or BUM as they were affectionately known, is where Chris began working with Flow Storage. Something just clicked with it, and with that began a pathway that has continued to today. Chris joined SIPA Roller as UK Sales Director in 2000 which was then purchased by Interroll in 2001. Becoming UK Divisional Manager of the Flow Storage Business Unit, Chris spent 10 years building Interroll’s Flow Storage business making it the leading supplier by the end of that period.


Needing new challenges Chris left Interroll in 2010 to form Warehouse Partners as Marigen Consultants with Rack Nets and ASG Services. In early 2011 it became clear that there was a shortage in the UK Flow Storage Market and Marigen Products was formed. Agreements were made with products suppliers that met requirements for product quality and business service. We also have developed some of our own products, and are not afraid of bespoke projects where our expertise is valued.


Marigen Products and Warehouse Partners agreed in April 2012, that the
businesses needed to take separate paths. So Marigen Products fully formed and able to compete on small and large projects, with great products competitively priced. It appeared that we had just started, but have actually just been hidden under the Warehouse Partners sales umbrella.


We had an extremely strong relationship with Saar Lagertechnik for Pallet and Carton Flow systems with Marigen undertaking Saar's Export Consultancy function, headed by Chris Adams. Also started were partnerships with Dinalager, Rollex and 3D systems. These partnerships saw Marigen through to mid-2016. Marigen will always be proud to have represented these companies and can strongly recommend them.


EUROROLL - The business in 2016 had grown to a good sized small to medium company, and very stable. EuroRoll offered Marigen the chance to become its agent in 2016, and the decision was made to take the opportunity as EuroRoll is a much larger partner offered greater chance for Marigen to grow to the net level. It also means fewer partners due to the range of products avaialble. EuroRoll have fantastic products that are very competitive, and Marigen is proud to be given the agency for the UK and Ireland.


A bit of Fun!!! - So where does the name come from? It is always difficult to name a company and we wanted something unique. So it had to be new but sound as if it could have existed and have a meaning or be a name. ‘Mari’ and ‘Gen’ come from two rock groups that are favourites of Chris's. ‘Mari’ is pronounced as in marriage, not Mary, and the g in gen is soft. We are not going to tell you the groups, as a small knowledge of Chris or music, will get you there, and after all we shouldn’t make it too easy!



Our Contact Details:

Marigen Products Limited

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Tel:  0203 239 6869

email:  ca@marigen.co.uk

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